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PeacePeoplePlanet.Org is a registered organisation (Reg. no. PTM/TC/152/2013) started in 2013 for re-imagining peace, people and the planet for our times. It is a platform to promote sustainable development goals, encourage stewardship of the environment, protect humanism, and disrupt established thinking. The mission of the organization is to uncover the creativity to ‘Innovate our Space’. The activities of the organization are mainly centred on awareness and capacity building in healthcare, education, environment, entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation to advance towards a knowledge society.

Main Projects

PeacePeoplePlanet Store. It is started as an enterprise to promote eco-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable practices through clean, green, safe and smart technology products and services. The enterprise now collaborates with Radiant Solar, Hyderabad to establish Solar Energy Plants in Kerala.
  1. “Puthiya Vinju Puthiya Kuppiyum” – Reflections on life
  2. “Vijana Samuha Nirmathi” – Motivational articles
  3. “E-rupee to Reinvent India”- A book which seems to have influenced the demonetisation drive of the Government of India in 2016. The book was released by the former Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitly in 2014. The book proposes a digital revolution to solve the top to bottom corruption in India through mobile literacy. It also proposes a phased implementation procedure that travels from a less-cash society to a cashless society which can provide an accountable, transparent, responsible and sustainable economy that would end up towards demonetisation.
  4. The Tent of the Pilgrim of Exile – A book deals with the architectural and historical meaning and the details of the monumental construction of St. John’s Metropolitan Cathedral, Trivalla, Kerala.

The organisation conducts seminars in Industry, Schools, Colleges and Churches

Extraction and characterization of bioactive molecules from aquatic plant resources with special reference to antiarthritic anti-inflammatory antiproliferative compounds, value added  products from marine algal resources, algal pigments and dyes & microalgal cultivation; Spirulina cultivation and its value added products

Maya Subramoni, Chief Scientist, Centre for Algal Biotechnology, 

Peace People planet Organization, MACFAST, Tiruvalla

Hindu-News>>Call for more research in algal biotechnology

The organisation gives radio talks in Radio Macfast 90.4 FM on healthcare, education, environment, entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge society.

The Society used to prepare reports and provide consultancy.

  1. Clean and Green Thiruvalla Project
  2. MEDIPARK, Dr. K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation and Frontier Mediville Project
  3. Pamba Valley Green Technocity, a project conceptualized in accordance with guidelines given for a Private Integrated IT & Hi-Tech Parks
  4. TILDE, (Teachers for Intellectual & Learning Disability Education)  in association with IISAC, USA and Troy University, Alabama to train a new breed of women Sp Ed teachers
  5. ARISE, (Accountable & Responsible Individuals for Sustainable Existence), a praxis model of lifelong education curriculum focusing on civics and values for K-12 students to be accountable and responsible individuals for sustainable existence
  6. SPARK, (Sustainable and Participatory Action for Rebuilding Kerala), a single platform TV programme showcasing ‘Nava Kerala Projects
  7. Super Kids: Mummy and Me Computer Code Writing & Co-Training Programme, a mother and child summer vacation training & play time code writing and co-training programme
  8. TRIS Development Project Report, a project report on the emerging challenges and possibilities for the schools in kerala
  9. Stella Maris School Development Plan
  10. Water, Food and Energy Plan for Sustainable Living, a project report for Hemming World, Finland
  11. Solar Electricity Project for the Sustainability of Industry (MSME), A Project Proposal to ASCEND 2020 Kerala, Global Investors Meet, a sustainable model of installing solar power plants on the rooftops of the industrial units in the kinfra & industrial development plots at Kunnamthanam and Adoor, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala
  12. Asian Sanctuary of Knowledge (ASK) a report on the establishment of a Registered Educational Service Provide of University of London International Programmes
  13. Elders Park Project
  14. Single Women Retreat Report
  15. People Care – REACT (Respond to Emergencies and Act to Care Take), a call centre based network system to respond to emergencies  and act to care take is developed mainly for the welfare of women, disabled, aged and  destitute.
  16. Make in India Reality Show Report
  17. Assistive Technology for the Less Advantaged and the Seniors (ATLAS) ATLAS  develops useful and affordable technologies for the less privileged due to biological  developments like old age and illness, and people who have deformity by birth
  18. SMART Tiruvalla (Municipality) Report
  19. Precessiomics Labs Project.
  20. The Central Travancore Decentralised and Sustainable Rural Development Plan & The Prospects of the Creation of Sabari International Greenfield Airport
  21. INNO-ARK, Healthcare Innovations Accelerator, A Start-up Facility, Technology Business Incubator (TBI), and Co-working Space in association with Kerala Start-Up Mission
  22. A Proposal to Establish Vikas Institute of Assistive Technology (VIAT) for Tiruvalla YMCA
  23. Sustainable Housing Model Project Consultancy: EASE Model -The Post-Flood 2018 Kerala – Edamanathara Abode for Sustainable Existence (EASE), A Community Rebuilding and Sustainable Housing Project.
  24. MediTel – My Personal Doctor App is a telemedicine consultancy portal that aims to reduce the frequency of patients meeting doctors, thereby avoiding overcrowding at hospitals and a pharmacy dispensing system that will deliver medicines at patients’ doorsteps. MediTel–My Personal Doctor App also integrates wearable medical devices enabled with AI functions that make the process and product efficient and user-friendly.

Meet Our Leaders

Fr. Dr. Abraham Mulamoottil

President, PeacePeoplePlanet.Org Member, District Innovation Council ( President, Central Travancore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman, INNO-ARK, Healthcare Innovations Accelerator Chief Organisor, Centre for Innovation and Development of Affordable Technologies (CIDAT) Former, Chairman & Chief Executive of Pushpagiri Group of Medical Institutions Founder and Principal of MACFAST Founder, RadioMACFAST 90,4 FM

Prof. Dr. Ninan Sajeeth Philip

Vice President, PeacePeoplePlanet.Org Associate Professor and Research Guide, Department of Physics, St. Thomas College, Kozhencheri-Kerala.

Geetha Paul

Secretary, PeacePeoplePlanet.Org Social entrepreneur and Bio-researcher.



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