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CIDAT - Tap the Hidden

Centre for Innovation and Development of Affordable Technologies (CIDAT) was introduced as a start-up platform and a hub of innovation resource facilities for venture builders, innovators and young entrepreneurs to ideate, design, develop, engage, interact, share, learn and collaborate with peers, domain experts, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders. The District Collector of Pathanamthitta, Mr. P. B. Nooh IAS and the Sub-Collector of  Tiruvalla, Dr. Vinay Goyal IAS. are promoting CIDAT project.

Projects Incubated at CIDAT

Goodies Card is  a  customer  relation  and  engagement  platform  to  improve sales, marketing, and service-related interactions. It attracts and wins potential  customers while  retaining the loyalty  of  the existing  customers by  reducing  customer  management  costs.  As  a  business  communication  platform  using  different  channels  Goodies  Card  integrates  digital  and  social  media  for  improving  and  focussing  on  customer retention and ultimately driving sales and profitability.  Goodies  Card  is incubated in  CIDAT, Tiruvalla, Kerala, India. This  start-up  venture is  owned  and  managed  by  PeacePeoplePlanet.Org providing Angel Investment. The Goodies Card was first introduced to encourage the new voters of the National Election April 29, 2019.

Mr.  P.  B.  Nooh,  District  Collector,  Pathanamthitta  asked  CIDAT  to  get involved  in  the  “Project Happiness” of the District Administration and the Kudumbashree Mission. The  main objectives of Project Happiness are:

  • You are not Alone, We are with you
  • Care for the Destitute
  • Rehabilitation of the Destitute
  • Continuing Help
  • The Youth Social Action for the Aged
  • Altruism is Human
  • Neglect is a Sin and Great Torture.

CIDAT  was  asked  to  take  the  responsibility  of  identifying  youth  volunteers  for  Pulikeezhu Grama Panchayat and Tiruvalla Municipality area from different colleges who  are willing to work in this project. The initial work of identifying the beneficiaries had  already been done by the Kudumba Shree Mission Workers. However, it was found very  difficult to identify the locations of these beneficiaries as they were usually situated in  remote places and their whereabouts are less known to many. CIDAT trained the Kudumba Shree Mission Workers how to integrate Google map with  the locations of the beneficiaries and to share it in the common platform of Tiruvalla.in  website.  Now,  about  200  locations  are  uploaded  in  the  Ya!  Help  database  and  it  is  accessible  to  all  Volunteers,  all  Kudumba  Shree  Mission  Workers,  Police,  Panchayath/Municipality,  District  Administration,  and  the  District  Collector,  ref.  www.tiruvalla.in/ya-help/  CIDAT is planning to develop an App for this technology integration platform including  several services to the beneficiaries and the volunteers.

Precisomics Labs – Genomics-based Precision Healthcare & Wellness Services for Prevention, Diagnosis and Prognosis

The main objective of Precisomics Lab is Prevention, Diagnosis and Prognosis using Precision Medicine. It uses genomic information for proactive care, risk estimation, early intervention, and lifelong support. By using genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and microbiome, Precisiomics Labs aims to develop as a brand that is synonymous with personalized and precision medicine, and as a leader in diagnoses related to gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, and cardiology. Precisiomics Labs represents a new beginning for health and wellness.

CIDAT) (https://www.cidat.in), started expanding its base in close association with Kerala Start-Up Mission (KSUM), Government of Kerala, India (https://startupmission.kerala.gov.in) for the establishment of INNO-ARK, (http://inno-ark.com) in Tiruvalla. INNO-ARK  (Innovation Park), is an unprecedented Start-up Facility, Technology Business Incubator (TBI), and Co-working Space with special emphasis on Healthcare Innovations spread across Kerala. The launch of INNO-ARK is part of the decision of KSUM to decentralize its activities and to make available the start-up extensions and common lab facilities in different districts/regions of Kerala. 


Establishment of SEED FOUNDATION

PeacePeoplePlanet.org formed a not-for-profit Company, Susthiratha {sustainability} Environment Education and Development Foundation (SEED Foundation), registered under the Companies Act. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mulamoottil (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_Mulamoottil), Prof. Dr. Ninan Sajeeth Philip (http://www.iucaa.in/~nspp), and Ms. Geetha Paul Jacob, social entrepreneur, and bio-researcher are the Directors of the Company.

Projects Promote by the Company (SEED FOUNDATION)

Artificial Intelligence Research and Intelligent Systems (AIRIS 4D) is a centre dedicated to AI and Bio-sciences Research. Situated in a green village campus in Thelliyoor, Kerala, airis4D studies and introduces the frontiers of Space Science, Astronomy, Robotics, Agro science, Environmental science,Fishery Biology, Industry and Biodiversity to support Peace, People and the Planet endeavours of the community (https://www.airis4d.com). Prof. Dr. Ninan Sajeeth Philip and Ms. Geetha Paul Jacob are the Directors of AIRIS 4D.

  Program  Description  Target group
  Odonata StudiesPeriodic survey of WesternGhats, Midlands and Wetlands of Kerala with focus on the Biodiversity, habitat and threats in odonata diversity. The study also tries to quantify the use of odonates as bioindicators.  Enthusiasts and PhD research scholars.
  JEDII  JEDII (Joint Endure for the Development of Innovative Ideas) as the name suggests is a focused training and innovation program to tackle specific tasks.  PhD scholars and potential pre-PhD candidates are allowed to participate.
  PowerKidsText  A 7 to 14 days program for school kids to “ask questions” where they are allowed to interact with experts on various topics of interest.  7th to 12th standard students who have a lot of unanswered questions.
  BTech  BTech major project is to introduce buddingBTech pre final year
  Projects  engineers to cutting edge technology, especially in machine learning by engaging them in publishable work  students
  MSc Projects  Masters Projects that are related to or part of the PhD programs. The goal is to introduce students to research methodology and current research trends.  MSc first year students
  airis4D Science Channel  YouTube Science Channel on various topics.This is used to post our public/unlisted/private video channels.  All ages
  Research in Machine Learning  Research in Machine Learning and AI leading to PhD degrees from Indian universities.  AMSc Physics, CS and Mathematics.

SEED FOUNDATION has established Asian Sanctuary of Knowledge (ASK) as an education service provider to build India towards knowledge society in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020.

Projects in the pipeline of Establishing

ASK plans to establish a model K-12 Vidya Vihar in accordance with the new education policy at Tiruvalla, Kerala, India with approval from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). We believe that the children are born as creatives and the teachers are the facilitators who support them to blossom. ASK will also institute a four-year degree program GEST (Gurukulam of Education Sciences and Technology) with approval from the National Council for Teachers Education. ASK is planning to own about 10 acres of land and to construct it as an eco- friendly campus in a sustainable manner. It will be a re-skilling facility for promoting better lifestyles and happiness. ASK campus looks forward to an era of a globally transformative and trans-modern social, political, economic and exponentially advancing technological society.

SEED FOUNDATION has already started forming Central Travancore Angel Network of Investors in association with Kerala Start-Up Mission (KSUM) to promote and mentor mainly the start-ups of four districts -Alleppy, Kottayam, Idukki and Pathanamthitta.

Solar Electricity Project for the Sustainability of Industry (MSME)

PeacePeoplePlanet.Org proposed in ASCEND 2020 Kerala, Global Investors Meet in Cochin, a sustainable model of installing solar power plants on the rooftops of the industrial units in the kinfra & industrial development plots at Kunnamthanam and Adoor, Pathanamthitta district, Kerala.

CIDAT-MatMaCorp Consortium

A Molecular Diagnostics Lab, Training Centre and Research Facility, Tiruvalla, Kerala, India. 

The Consortium is planning to establish  a molecular diagnostics lab facility using the most advanced technologies including DNA or RNA based sequencing for the identification of the molecule and its mutations. The facility shall create an R & D program to develop new molecular tests that are needed in India. It will have the capacity and capability to manufacture all types of molecular diagnostic tests, including kits, enzymes and all necessary reagents (ref.www.matmacorp.com)

Central Travancore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Projects Proposed to the Government of Kerala

  • The Central Travancore Decentralised and Sustainable Rural Development Plan & The Prospects of the Creation of Sabari International Greenfield Airport
  • High-range Food Park, Kuttikanam, 
  • KUTTANAD SETU, (Kuttanad Sustainable Establishment of the Terrain Use), Kuttanad Setu is a Sustainable Development Goals’ Project to control the floodwaters and to save the environmental degradation of the World Heritage Region of Kuttanad. The Central Chamber Is planning to associate with Kuttanad Setu Project.
  • Rebranding Kottayam Port and Export Zone Development
  • Central Travancore Angel Investors Network


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