PeacePeoplePlanet.Org Innovate Our Space is an organization for re-imagining peace, people and planet for our times. This organization offers consultancy in healthcare, education, environment and research. It is a platform to promote the need of sustainability, encourage stewardship of the environment, protect humanness of the individual, help discover opportunities and develop rethinking of established ideas. From the post-capitalist and post-communist era, we are now moving towards a Knowledge Society. Peace may be commonly understood as the absence of hostility in world order. Many religious beliefs have defined peace as tranquility of mind, of communities and that of nations. Many international organizations facilitate activities which strive for world peace. Mahatma Gandhi introduced Satyagraha as a philosophy of peace for attitudinal and social change through non- violence means. Social movements have also attempted to define justice in terms of peace. Yet, the craving for continuous search of meanings in inner and external peace still remains.   The phenomenon of human beings has been understood for a long time in terms of caste, class, creed, clan and colour. And again understood, categorized and divided into rich and poor; male and female; literate and illiterate; powerful and powerless; developed, developing and underdeveloped; first, second and third worlds. Today, we see new divisions like digital natives and digital aliens, immigrants and locals, nationals and outsiders, radicals and allies. Moreover, people are revitalizing and relativizing their identities and hence, in this context, the person, people and communities should be redefined. Our planet, where we emerged as human beings, today is moving towards a grey land. We were so secure, safe and well-nourished within Mother Earth’s womb. Individual consumption behaviours have vastly changed over time and our resources have been taken for granted. Along with our success as a species came the extinction of many ecological systems. Our unawareness of our abuses to the environment will reach the extent of our extinction. Change in our attitude, personality, outlook and action for our environment is the only thing that could turn things around and reverse all the consequences of our actions. Enough has been said about peace, people and the planet. There is seemingly no space among peace, people and planet as shown in the name itself of the organization. It is here that the agenda of the organization begins – to ‘Innovate our Space’.