When you launch an affiliate program, you can expect the best publishers to be already promoting your competitors. If you want them to switch to you or promote you as well, you need to offer something more, like higher commissions, better creatives, better offers to the end consumer. This way, they will know what to expect, what their responsibilities are, and they will be able to help. Your rebranding efforts will be much more likely to succeed if they are supported by everyone else, from accounting to marketing, customer service, logistics, and affiliates. Imagine that you’re the buyer and you find out about a great line of products on an affiliate website, from ads, or on social media.

affiliate management program

Our affiliate software tool has the flexibility to manage all types of affiliate and partner programs. Plus, you can also run customer referral programs, ambassador programs, and other word-of-mouth marketing programs with Referral Rock, based on what best fits your brand’s needs. Learn how to streamline the entire affiliate management process using affiliate software. Also, choose your ideal solution from our list of 15 top affiliate marketing software tools. It helps SaaS companies and agencies manage all partner activities on one platform. The software can host affiliate programs, referral programs, and reseller programs.

Get Everyone Within the Company Involved

The idea is to work towards establishing a concrete affiliate program that helps create autonomy within the business. The best affiliates will give your marketers more time to focus on brand growth over meeting simple metrics. Just because you have established standards, it doesn’t always mean everyone will comply. A vigilant and experiencedaffiliate marketing program manager keeps their eye on the ball.

affiliate management program

Achieving this yourself can be a challenge though, so outsourcing your affiliate program management may be the best solution. Our expert team has an in-depth understanding of the affiliate industry and what it takes to ensure your program scales effectively to drive successful business results. We can develop your affiliate networks into profitable lead generators that deliver increased sales revenue. Our affiliate agency offers a revenue sharing marketing program that surpasses industry standards and drives a successful and sustainable affiliate program.

Increase Sales

When the time comes to send your affiliates new products to review, they won’t refuse. Moreover, the sale is an excellent way to announce your new goals, values, and mission. An excellent way to avoid that and ensure the success of your rebranding efforts is to organize a sale. It goes without saying that your affiliates, especially reviewers, influencers, and content affiliates, should be included. Ideally, the logo should be able to tell your target customers who you are and what you’re selling without requiring further explanations. Many of your affiliates, especially those focusing on savings and rewards, will only display your logo on their website.

  • Each network is a bit different, but they all allow you to search for company’s programs through basic keyword searches and categories.
  • This occurs at a time when customer purchase decisions are more influenced by public opinion.
  • The easier it is for them to promote and the less work they have to do, the more they will want to work with you.
  • Affiliate management also requires regularly communicating with affiliates through frequent check-ins.

At the same time, you’ll get a bill to remind you to pay your affiliates, who can get their money out via services like PayPal or Stripe. Affiliates can then use these branded referral links on their own websites and other digital properties to spread awareness of your brand or social media handle. Affiliates can also make their own links and monitor how well they perform with PartnersStack. IDevAffiliate also offers coupon code tracking, a plus for word-of-mouth marketing.

Rebranding Tips for Merchants Running an Affiliate Program

Many brands and merchants choose to outsource affiliate recruitment and promotion to a third-party affiliate network or agency. The upside of this is that the management fees are going to be far less than if you decide to manage it yourself, plus why not take advantage of their experience and reach? These networks typically have many publishers already lined up to start promoting your offers, which will spare you the time and effort to find them yourself. Great affiliate marketing is always data-driven, as it’s data that going to show you what is going on and how you can optimize. Where are clicks coming from, who is converting, does mobile convert better than desktop, what types of affiliate partners perform best for you?

affiliate management program

There are many good reasons why our company is a reliable and trustworthy source for your affiliation needs. We’ll help you save money on establishing a system while you leave the complicated process to us. Our experts understand that time is precious for your business, and wasting a second of it on learning how to do something you can outsource is rarely a good idea. That’s why we only have staff experienced in managing affiliates and technology, so we don’t have to spend daylight on training them. You can tell us what your affiliate marketing goals are, and we can help you accomplish them. Additionally, we can set new affiliate objectives that can further your company’s marketing progress.

You need different banner sizes, including some mobile-friendly banners. Once you’ve confirmed violations of your affiliate program agreement, depending on their gravity, warn affiliates to stop or report them and remove them from what is an affiliate management system the program directly. As you go through the rebranding process, a lot of changes will be required, from the website content to the affiliate program description. Another aspect to consider when choosing the new brand name is SEO.

You may be wondering whether you should choose one of the affiliate software programs above, or whether you should outsource your program to an existing affiliate network instead. Circlewise has experience in developing more than 200 partner programs in over 10 European countries to date. According to its website, the company has tracked over 600 million events and boasts over 10,000 publishers to choose from. Circlewise also offers unique add-ons not available elsewhere in its partnership hub.

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